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Difference Between Biodegradable and Compostable

This is a brief overview of the difference between what it really means when people say “biodegradable” and what it means when we say “compstable”


The word “biodegradable” can sometimes be used as a greenwashing terminology because in our head, when we hear “biodegradable” we think it means it’s “compostable”, and we imagine biodegradable items can degrade and melt and go back to the earth.

A quick way to distinguish the two is that all compostables are biodegradable, but not all biodegradable are compostable.

Compostable items can break down into something useful and nutritious, whereas biodegradable items can break down but into both natural and unnatural substances like micro plastics – and it can still be called “biodegradable”.

Knowing the difference will increase your awareness when you read claims and marketing materials of different products, and you can make an informed decision on what you are purchasing.

We at Ecolutions always check and make sure we are offering products that are truly compostable. We don’t want to sacrifice our environment just to be able to offer everything under the sun.

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