Being eco-friendly is possible!

100% compostable and biodegradable food containers made from sugarcane bagasse

we no longer have to choose convenience at the expense of our environment

Our climate is changing and our planet needs help.

We make REAL eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic in the food & beverage industry, and beyond.



It all began when Julie, the mother in this mother-daughter team, felt terrible every time a gathering was organized at their temple. They would always use paper plates that are lined with plastic, plastic spoons and plastic cups. All the plastic trash created every week was too much and Julie wanted to find better options for them to use.

She went to her daughter Wendy to vent about this issue and it just so happens that Wendy is quite an eco-conscious person and was actually already working on researching several different material options to make real compostable and eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastic.

After months of researching, they finally landed on the wonders of sugarcane bagasse and how beneficial it is to be made into these food containers to replace single-use plastic in the market.

Ecolutions was born and officially launched late 2019.


We're on a mission to replace all kinds of single-use plastic with REAL eco-friendly alternatives.


We want to help businesses - small and big - to have options available to them whenever they are ready to make the switch to eco-friendly alternatives, and to offer them at accessible prices to make it feasible for everyone to transition with less friction.


We know there are businesses who want to switch over to eco-friendly supplies but the process to switch is problematic.

All of our products are very sturdy and high quality to make sure foodies will have no issues with using the products.

We're making transitioning easier and more accessible to everyone. We deliberately made pricing competitive so that more people will find all the advantages of switching to our eco-friendly alternatives.

Visit our Products page to see what we have to offer.

Nature to Nature 2


We want to help our planet heal and help with reversing the causes and effects of climate change.

To do this, we will be partnering up with local groups that are focused on tree planting and plastic-free initiatives, as well as other environmental non-profits.


We're super excited that you've decided to switch to our eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic food containers. Together, we can help make a difference to our community, our country and to our planet.


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